LONG-awaited action on speeding in Norton will soon start at hotspots across the town.

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) will install a vehicle-activated sign (VAS) on main roads into the town in a bid to cut down speeds.

The sign will be located at four locations on a rotation - Welham Road near Whitewall, Langton Road near Bazley’s Lane and Scarborough Road near Westfield Avenue and Norton Villa.

It will be jointly funded by money secured by County Cllr Keane Duncan and Norton Town Council.

Cllr Duncan said: “Speeding is raised as a problem time and time again across Norton, and it’s great to be able to take measures to improve the situation.

“The new sign is a dedicated resource that will be deployed 365 days of the year in Norton, and only Norton.

“It will move round the locations every few months, as this maintains its effectiveness with drivers.

“If the sign proves popular, new locations could added to the rota or additional signs purchased for the town.”

District and town Cllr Ray King said: “Scarborough Road is a big hotspot for speeding. It is becoming busier by the day, especially with HGVs forced to divert from the level crossing as a result of the ban.

“Our councils are serious about tackling speeding, and I think the VAS is a sensible move that should make a difference to speeds in the area. We are also working on other measures in the area to help the situation, such as fixed warning signs, so we will keep residents posted with progress.”

Fellow district and town Cllr John Mackenzie said: “It is notoriously difficult to tackle speeding, with Langton Road and Welham Road particularly problematic. Speed bumps, chicanes and cameras can be controversial, so the VAS offers a different way of doing things that encourages drivers to slow down. We would be very happy to hear feedback from the public, and any suggestions for further action we can make.”