AS one year ends and a new one begins we often take the opportunity to think of others.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those in our community who give up their time and energy throughout the year to serve, offer opportunities and support others in society - through our youth groups and organisations, social and sporting clubs, environmental groups, charitable and faith bodies, and public service.

Here in Norton, like so many of our communities, public spirit is strong and people step forward to help others and improve our lot.

Special mention must go to those behind Norton Hive (the library) and Ryedale Community and Leisure Centre - these two venues were threatened with closure but are thriving thanks to the foresight

and dedication of a small band of people.

Volunteers and acts like these are the glue that holds our society together and I would urge people to stay positive and do what they can for others for all our benefit.

I wish everyone a healthy and rewarding 2020.

Antony Croser, Norton

Hard work pays off

2019 was another great year. The range of events in the town continue to grow in popularity, and these

all help to boost our rural economy.

We’ve worked hard to make sure that Malton continues to support this trend, winning more awards, and providing new facilities.

In 2020, we have more initiatives to roll-out, including the improvements to Peasey Hills, and a bigger-still Malton in Bloom.

But we’re also conscious of the impacts of traffic. That’s why we’re working closely with our partners to roll out a scheme in 2020 that should ease some of these pressures.

Our main thoroughfare, Yorkersgate, will see some of the most tangible improvements – starting in the spring, and we’re proud to be pioneering these changes. But we have lots more to do.

I especially want to thank our stakeholder community, and the “army” of volunteers who give freely of their time too.

We continue to make Malton a place we can all be proud of, for residents, businesses – and all our visitors.

On behalf of the staff and members of Malton Town Council, I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

Paul Emberley, mayor of Malton

Small is beautiful

My husband and I visited Rosedale Abbey School recently, where we saw evidence that small is, most definitely, beautiful.

The message delivered by the children performing their Christmas Nativity play at Rosedale Abbey CP School on Wednesday, December 11, was the perfect antidote to the “spend, spend, spend” messages which are directed at us all at Christmastime.

It was a real pleasure to be reminded that the best and warmest memories come from appreciating simple joys and experiences.

The children who performed, danced and sang heartily on the night, did so joyously.

They ranged in age from five to 11 and exuded confidence and a sense of fun. One of the kings lost a tooth mid-performance, but took it all in his stride, belting out the songs with a big smile on his face.

The audience of parents, grandparents, siblings and members of the wider community were

treated to a most memorable evening.

There were laughs and giggles throughout... but there was hardly

a dry eye in the house by the finale.

The school staff and volunteers did a remarkable job pulling the whole evening together and the children did the school and their families proud.

What a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit. Well done everyone.

Nicky Johnson, Hartoft