FOR this month’s feature, members of Kirkbymoorside Camera Club have picked six pictures of their “favourite things”. The club meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month at the Moorside Bar and Club, Shaw Drive, Kirkbymoorside, at 7.30pm. New members of all standards welcome.

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David Ireland - My Favourite Things

Some time ago I asked a farmer down the road from where I lived if I could take some pictures around his farm.

This image of the cog wheel, empty paint can and old tin bath must have been hanging in the old barn for years, and probably have never been used.

Julie Cowdy - Raindrops on Roses

One of my favourite things, as sung by Maria to cheer up the Von Trapp children when frightened by a thunderstorm.

For the photographer, the challenge is deciding upon the depth of field which determines how much of the subject is to be in focus. I chose to capture the softness of the rose and focus on some petal edges and rain drops.

Barrie Tuck - High Mountains

Taken in Chamonix, France, on the climb up to Europe’s highest mountain Mont Blanc, which is 3,000ft above this point. You can’t beat the high Alps for stunning views...feels just like being on Everest.

Harry Kingman - Pasqueflower

A gorgeous red pasqueflower had become detached from the plant in the garden. I loved the similarity between the hairy green leaves and the hairy red petals. I placed the flower on a sheet of black Perspex and took the image illuminated with the light from a north facing window.

Jim Cavanagh - Mupe Rocks

This photo was taken following my favourite hobby (wife says obsession) - astro-photography. I’ve tried several times to take this shot, but previously missed out due to bad weather, wrong tides/time of year or the restricted access (being situated on MOD property).

The bright core of the milky way is at its best in Dorset in early May, but is only visible for 90 minutes around 2.30am. With another photographer nearby already taking photos, this had to be set up in total darkness, balancing on jagged rocks, and having to re-programme my remote control - we were setting each other’s camera off. Although I was pleased with the results, I’ll have to get there earlier next time and get a better composition.

Lynn Wraith - Bald Eagle

My favourite thing about wildlife photography is that you meet people from all over the world who share the same interest and that you are continually learning about animal behaviour.

While in Florida in November, I had the privilege of photographing a pair of bald eagles who were in the process of mating. It was a well established protected site with a number of webcams around to monitor nest activity.

This image, of a female, was captured as she awaited her mate’s return with food and nesting material. She is watching him approach the nest. This couple went on to lay two eggs, both of which hatched and fledged, which I watched via the webcam links over a number of months when I returned home. There are a number of nest sites in Florida that you can watch online and see the progress of the birds - try it - the winter here is their breeding season in Florida.