A BUSINESS owner has said she is shocked and heartbroken after charity money and takings were stolen from her premises.

Lauren Addinall, who owns No One Health and Beauty in Market Place, Malton, said she was absolutely devastated after discovering the theft last Thursday.

“I had been working upstairs and came down to take a payment when I noticed the bag of charity money missing from the till.

“For a minute I thought I was going mad but then I checked my bag and saw that my purse had also gone along with the week’s takings.”

Lauren said: “I was in floods of tears and am truly heartbroken - I felt that I had let my family down.”

Lauren said she had been raising funds for the Stroke Association after her great uncle died suddenly in March.

“Michael was a kind, genuine and thoughtful man with a dry sense of humour, who would do anything without question for those who asked,” Lauren said.

“There were no warning signs that he was ill and then out of the blue on March 14 he had a massive stroke which sadly took him away from us five days later at the age of 75.

“He left behind a family he loved dearly and two young grandchildren who he will never get the chance to watch grow up.”

Lauren said: "I really wanted to support my family by raising funds for the Stroke Association, which is such an amazing chairty.

"We are such a close family and I was so happy to be doing somethig positive and not this has happened, it's just dreadful."

Lauren added: "I just want to say a big thank you to all my fabulous, caring clients who have helped me and supported me this week. Thank you also to all the local businesses who have messaged me and came round to see me, for the wonderful gifts. I feel very loved by you all."

Lauren, who took ver the business last April, said CCTV was being checked to see if anyone could be seen entereing the salon at around 10.50am on November 14.

"I hope the person who took this has a lovely Christmas as you have ruined itg for myself and my family."

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police, said: "Investigations are still ongoing with no arrest to dae."

Anyone with any further information is asked to phone 101 quotiing 14112019-022.