THE photographer behind the new exhibition at Pocklington Arts Centre (PAC) hopes her work will encourage visitors to “think about their favourite books in a different way.”

One glance at Claire Morris’collection of work, which brings vintage book covers and iconic characters to life through the lens, there is little doubt that her PAC exhibition offers something very different.

“I have always had an interest in photography and creating pop-up books,” said Claire who was first inspired by American photographer Thomas Allen who would cut characters out of pulp fiction books and then photograph them.”

“I loved this concept so much I started doing my own versions – his were a bit sexy and I wanted mine to be cleaner,” she added.

Inspired by vintage fictional books Claire uses paper-cutting techniques to partially free characters from the book, before dramatically lighting and staging the shot to give the impression of the figure coming to life from the pages, creating an incredible 3D, retro cool image.

Claire, who lives in York, now divides her time between working in the health sector and scouring charity shops and second-hand book sales sourcing images and materials for her next piece.

“I find inspiration from the characters on the front of the books. There is something so iconic about book covers from the 1950s.

“I enjoy searching through book sales, charity shops and even looking for vintage books abroad.

“I like to highlight the emotions that the characters are showing and telling their story by placing them into a new situation.”

Claire’s first book collection photographs were exhibited in 2016 in the Corner Gallery, in York where she now exhibits full-time.

Her work has also previously featured in a three-day art show at York Racecourse, and next year Claire will take part in York Open Studios for a second time.

Claire’s collection is featured at PAC until Saturday, February 1. Entry is free during opening hours only. For more information go to or phone the Box Office on 01759 301547.