I WOULD like to congratulate Brian Maud on being conferred as Alderman of the Council.

Brian has served as a councillor for Rillington for 24 years.

There’s only ever been four district councillors for Rillington - Brian being the longest serving one to date.

I was delighted to be the fourth when I took over representing Rillington from Brian in the spring, and realising I have big shoes to fill.

I have been really honoured to have Brian’s support and guidance since, it’s very apparent Brian loves our village and wider Ryedale and has the utmost respect from everyone I have met.

I wish him all the very best in his new role as Alderman and, of course, in retirement with his lovely wife Susan.

Cllr Nathan Garbutt Moore, Ryedale District Council

‘He will be missed’

I AM writing regarding the sad death of John Maloney who worked as a jockey in Malton during the 1950s.

Known as Timmy, he was born in Glasgow on June 4, 1940. His first job was in the Central Hotel in Glasgow.

Having a great love for horses, he decided to move to Malton in 1956 where he became an apprentice jockey at Ernie Davey’s stable.

During his time there he rode about 30 winners, including one over Lester Piggott.

Timmy later decided on another career and joined the Navy before eventually emigrating to Canada, where he remained for the rest of his life.

He resumed his old love of horseracing in Canada and also enjoyed his many trips back to Scotland and Malton, keeping in touch with family and friends.

Timmy was a lovely man, who was loved by everyone who knew him. He will be sadly missed but always fondly remembered.

He leaves two sisters, three sons, Sean, Callum and Kyle and eight grandchildren.

There will be a memorial service for Timmy at St Leonard’s Church in Malton on Friday, November 8, at 7pm.

Dot Nendick, Malton

Time to object

I WOULD expect all of Frack Free Ryedale and councils against hydraulic fracture stimulation, along with Friends of the Earth and Friends of the Earth Limited, write to the Eden Project to notify them of their objections to any hydraulic fracture stimulation taking place in the UK be it in Kirby Misperton or Cornwall.

The blanket ban on this highly-controlled process by the noisy opposition closes the door on the open-minded who dare to look into the future.

The New Zealanders have exploited hydraulic fracture stimulation to enhance the output of their geothermal structures because they are open minded realists.

Sadly, we seem to be succumbing to closed-minded vocalists with no vision of the future if you were to believe what they have to say. Question them before they object to the Eden Project.

J W Baxter, Pickering

Support cat petition

Cats are much-loved pets, yet many of your readers may be surprised to learn they do not have the same level of protection as dogs when it comes to microchipping.

While microchipping is compulsory for dogs, there are no such laws for cats, and this means many lost or injured cats are not able to be reunited with their owners.

Cats Protection has launched a petition calling on the government to bring in laws to ensure that all owned cats across the UK are microchipped.

Microchipping is a safe and permanent method of identification, unlike collars which are prone to coming off.

By ensuring all owned cats are microchipped, owners will have the peace of mind of knowing their cat has the best chance of being returned home should they become lost.

In the sad event a cat has been killed on the roads, the details on their microchip can also ensure their owner can be informed.

We welcome Labour’s Animal Welfare Manifesto, stating its intention to expand mandatory microchipping for cats, and the Government’s Animal Welfare Action plan committing to a consultation on cat microchipping.

Cat lovers can show their support for compulsory micrcochipping of owned cats, and help more cats be reunited with their owners, by signing Cats Protection’s petition at cats.org.uk/microchippingpetition

Jacqui Cuff, head of advocacy and government relations