NORTON is aiming to look blooming good next year.

The town has decided to enter the Yorkshire in Bloom competition for 2020.

Cllr Lindsay Burr has been appointed chairman of the Norton in Bloom group, with the support of the Malton’s town clerk, Tim Hicks, fellow council members and volunteers.

The group has initially agreed to concentrate on Church Street and Commercial Street as the areas to enhance.

They also want to have an integrated theme running through the town, with wood planters and sleepers, along with the possibility of siting trees in large planters in Commercial Street and some wildflower meadow planting in certain areas.

To help fund the project, members of Norton Town Council have increased the Norton in Bloom budget from £4,000 to £6,000 for the year 2020/21.

Cllr Burr said: “One of the reasons I wanted to become a Norton Town councillor in May was to try to ensure the amazing Malton in Bloom did not stop at County Bridge, but the floral effect continued in to Norton.

“That’s what residents told me they wanted to see.

“With an increased budget from my fellow Norton town councillors, and hopefully the help of local residents, there is no reason why Norton can not start to put on an even bigger and better show of colour next year.

“I’d like Norton in Bloom to start small, but do things right, focusing on certain areas of Norton then expanding.”

Cllr Burr added: “I feel we need more benches, more flower boxes and possibly more trees planted in certain areas to soften some hard landscapes and help with the air pollution from the traffic.

“I certainly don’t want Norton in bloom to be in competition with Malton in bloom, just compliment each other and ensure both towns look fabulous.

“I’m prepared to give it a go, which is much better than doing nothing.”

Malton in Bloom, which entered Yorkshire in Bloom for the second time this year, was awarded a gold medal in 2019, excelling in the three core pillars of horticulture, environment and community achievement and were declared category winners in the class for small towns.