A NEW initiative has been launched by Malton police to help children learn more about respecting their community.

PC Jane Jones has been running the mini police force to encourage primary school children to set a good example at school and out in the community.

She said: “Our aim was to recruit 10 Year 6 pupils from both Norton and Malton primary schools.

“The children had to fill in application form as to why they wanted to be a mini police officer and each school and I, then chose 10 children.”

PC Jones said their uniforms has been supplied by Malton and Norton town councils.

She said: “For the last seven weeks I have conducted one to one-and-a-half hour lessons in each school covering various issues, including road and internet safety, along with anti-social behaviour (ASB).

“We went out on foot patrol and carried out speed checks in different locations around the towns.

“I stopped cars and children spoke to the drivers about speeding, parking, seat belt and mobile phones.”

PC Jones added: “The children designed a parking ticket and they issued tickets to a couple of car that were parked illegally. They were fined £2.50 and were to pay the fine to the school. They even issued a ticket to a female who dropped some litter.”

“Due to non-payments of the tickets we also ran a mock court case at Norton Town Council, which parents were able to attend and each child was given a role to play.”

The mini police have also attended two crime prevention advice events in Malton Market Place and have been out on patrol on a evening around the local play area.

PC Jones said her aim was to recruit another 10 children from both the schools to start again after Christmas.

She said: “The next term the children are going to have a pop-up police station in the school and every lunch time two mini police will patrol the schools’ grounds and issues tickets to the children for ASB and littering.

“I’m hoping the children have learnt some respect and will continue to set a good example at school and out in the community.”

Cllr Martin Dales, Chairman of Ryedale Cameras in Action, who attended one of the crime prevention events, said: “It was great to be with mini police in Malton as they engaged with the public on crime prevention issues and this is a great police initiative being piloted here in Ryedale.”