A BOWLING club has received a gift in memory of its former chairman and the many “happy days” he spent on bowling greens across Ryedale.

Carol Battersby, the widow of former chairman Ian Battersby, presented a bench to Hovingham Bowling Club, accompanied by members of her family.

Mrs Battersby said: “Sport was a very big part of Ian’s life.

“Bowling made him very happy and he loved his local club, hence the choice of words in the inscription being ‘happy days – nothing made him happier in life’.”

Malcolm Hutton, the current chairman, joined Mrs Battersby to unveil the seat during a short ceremony in front of members and expressed the club’s gratitude for the gift.

Malcolm said: “Ian made a significant contribution to our club, both as a player and as its chairman, and the gift is a lovely visible way of remembering him whenever we play bowls.

“A game each week on a summer’s evening or afternoon on one of the many picturesque village bowling greens in Ryedale is a very enjoyable and affordable sport which makes many people happy.”

Hovingham Bowling Club was formed in 1933 and remains a popular sport in Ryedale.

Malcolm added: “I really want to stress the importance of ensuring the game of bowls remains in good shape and popular in Ryedale.

“The club is always looking for people of all ages who are interested in taking up the game for either some friendly competition or a social sport.”

If you are interested in becoming a member of Hovingham Bowling Club, phone Malcolm Hutton on 01653 628222 or email info@hovinghamfireplaces.co.uk