RESIDENTS have expressed their anger after a bridleway which acts as an important link between two communities is to be closed for another six months.

In April 2018, housebuilders Lindum Group Ltd applied for a temporary six-month closure of the bridleway that links Rainbow Lane in Peasey Hills with Westgate Lane, Old Malton, in order to build houses in that area. The company has now been given a further temporary closure order by North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) until March.

Paul Lee, who lives near the bridleway, said he had been a daily user of the route until the closure.

“The local population has been inconvenienced by this closure for over a year. This further extension is unacceptable to me and many others I have spoken with,” he said.

“I understand that the reason given by the developer is health and safety.

“Lindum Group must explain why they cannot manage any hazard they are creating to prevent any risk to the public using the right of way as the only apparent hazard appears to be the traffic to the site.

“A simple and adequate solution would be for a fenced walk-way to be provided from the start of the closure on the grass verge opposite the site to the Green Lane bend.

“This could be rapidly put in place using the fencing which is obstructing access and give the smallest amount of good-will on the part of the developer.”

Fellow resident John Davies said more than 200 people in the area had signed a petition calling for the bridleway to be reopened.

He said: “We are very, very angry that a further extension to the closure order has been made.

“It is a public bridleway and is being abused - all we have asked for is a temporary footpath to local people can use it.”

No-one was available from Lindum Group to comment.