A MALTON-born woman is heading to Japan to take part in the Gardening World Cup.

Annabelle Barran, who previously worked for BoultonCooper, is creating a garden based on the theme “tradition” at the competition starting on October 12 at Huis Ten Bosch, in southern Japan.

Annabelle said: “My show garden is called No Law No Freedom and conceptually based on a courtroom. I based my design on English law because the concept has been exported to an estimated third of the world.

“The representation of law - such as the Magna Carta, Supreme Court and Judges Chambers - will be represented by the balance, height and colour within the garden.”

Anabelle was born and brought up in Malton, with her family still farming at Hildenley next to Castle Howard.

After working for a number of years at BoultonCooper, she moved to London and created her own letting agency, which sold in 2007.

Anabelle added: “Until 2017, I was still involved in property, but I have always been interested in garden design so, spontaneously, I enrolled at the Inchbald School of Design.

“Very much to my surprise, I ended up winning the Dean’s award and received a number of commissions.

“I left St Andrews at 16 years old with virtually no qualifications and, at 56, decided to start a new career. I thought my story might inspire others to do something they were passionate about, but might be afraid to try.”