IN these days when the NHS is always in the news, very often for the wrong reasons, I would like to sing the praises of one of our NHS services.

My husband and I look after our 96-year-old aunt in our own home. Recently she became ill and more frail than she already is.

Our local GP organised for extra help to look after her and a team of wonderful nurses from the Ryedale Enablement Service team have been visiting her every day for the last eight weeks.

I cannot praise their care, understanding and the love that they have given our aunt more highly. They have made the difference and along with Alison their co-ordinator, I don’t know how we all would have managed without them.

Thank you from all the family and, of course, Madge.

Angela and Graham Knights, Cropton

Response from MP

I WRITE in reply to the recent letter from our MP Kevin Hollinrake.

It has taken letters to this newspaper in order to finally get information about Brexit from Mr Hollinrake, as there is nothing on his website.

Mr Hollinrake has been our MP for nine years, during which he has indeed campaigned for transport improvements and for faster broadband.

However, the A64 problems persist and UK broadband is still among the slowest in Europe (behind Bulgaria). The facts are clear – that we remain the Cinderella region.

In his recent letter, Mr Hollinrake says the farming industry will be protected in the event of Brexit, but all he can offer is unspecific assurances.

His letter says “there will be risks to at least some of our farmers in the event of a no deal outcome” but we are not allowed to know how serious those risks might be.

He says “there will be direct financial support for viable businesses affected by this situation” but gives no indication of how much – and implies that some businesses will be left to go to the wall.

I can’t think Mr Hollinrake’s words will reassure our sheep farmers when a 46 per cent tariff on their exports kicks in on Brexit Day One.

It is three-and-a-half years since the referendum, yet the Government still can’t provide a detailed, costed policy to save these farmers from ruin.

Conservative governments have a dismal track record for compensating industries in difficulty, and post-Brexit there will be so many competing demands on central funding that rural voices could be drowned out.

Livestock farmers should be under no illusion that, even in the event of a last-minute Brexit “deal”, their livelihoods will be under threat.

There was no mention of this by the Leave campaign in 2016, and many of their staffers now work in Downing Street.

Aided and abetted by MPs, their policy of concealing the full truth about Brexit continues.

Dr Peter Williams, Malton

Thanks for support

THANK you to everyone that turned out to support the village litter pick in Rillington on Saturday, September 21, and to those who regularly contribute to the upkeep of the village independently in their own way.

On Saturday we collected 12 bags of rubbish and found a large plastic container.

A special thanks to Chris at the Coach and Horses for providing complimentary drinks for everyone involved.

The next village litter pick will be in November, date to be confirmed.

Cllr Nathan Garbutt Moore, Ryedale District Council

Is there more to it?

RE: Ring Removed, Gazette & Herald, Wednesday, September 25.

With reference to the above “news” story in today’s Gazette, while I don’t know the full extent of the reason why this lady called the fire brigade to remove her ring, why did she not go to the jewellers who also have ring cutters?

It just seems a waste of fire brigade resources, or is there a bit more to the news item?

Ann Searle, Pickering

Time for switch-on?

I READ with interest that two significant deals have been completed at the new Eden Business Park, near Malton. Does this mean that we can now afford to switch the lights on at the new roundabout, or do we have to wait for a significant accident to happen?

Graham Hunt, Thornton-le-Dale