THE new schedule of the Reliance 31X bus is a blessing.

Not only can you get to York from Kirkbymoorside, leaving at 9.05am, but you can also get back.

The 2pm from Exhibition Square now comes all the way to Kirkbymoorside.

Last week I took the morning bus to York Station, then a train to London. It is possible to pick up a Eurostar and be in Brussels in time for a leisurely supper and a glass of wine.

On the way back I left Paris on the 9.04am train and was back in Kirkbymoorside having a cup of tea by 3.30 pm.

Whatever the government decides to do, Kirkbymoorside is now very happily linked to Europe.

June Emerson, Kirkbymoorside

Can you help?

MY name is Philippa, I would be grateful if you could put this message in your paper to help find the relatives of Bill Benson.

The granddaughter of William “Bill” Benson (March 1939 to spring 2004), formerly from Yorkshire, wishes to get in contact with Bill’s existing relatives if possible. He was buried at St Paul’s Church in Brookhouse near Lancaster, Lancashire.

My contact details are Philippa Benson, 07565 243502.

Philippa Benson

Kidney awareness

Did you know that there are currently 78 people in need of a kidney transplant in North Yorkshire, whose diet will be restricted due to kidney disease?

It is likely that they will be on fluid restrictions of around just 500ml of liquid a day (including liquid found in foods like sauces and ice cream). That’s roughly the equivalent of only being able to have a small cup of tea and one can of soft drink for the whole day.

In addition, they are likely to have to limit the potassium and phosphate in their diet which means missing out on enjoying foods like chocolate, bananas and tomatoes.

Sadly a lot of the advice given to patients focuses on the foods to avoid, but we want to make the kidney diet about all the things kidney patients can eat and to bring enjoyment back into food which is why we’ve launched the Kidney Kitchen.

Research shows that only 58 per cent of the general public in the Yorkshire and the Humber are aware that kidney disease can restrict your diet, and just 37 per cent are aware that having kidney disease can restrict the amount of liquid you can consume every day.

We hope that the Kidney Kitchen will help raise awareness among your readers so that everyone living with kidney disease can enjoy healthy and delicious food with their family and friends.

All of the recipes have been developed with the support of renal dieticians and each recipe comes with facts to help those cooking and/or eating the food how the recipes fit into their diet.

If you are, or if you know a kidney patient, make sure you check out

Paul Bristow, acting chief executive of Kidney Care UK

Puppy walker plea

WOULD you like to raise a puppy that will be a life changer for someone living with sight loss?

Would you like to be part of a friendly and sociable volunteering team? Would you like to have a gorgeous Guide Dog puppy living with you for around 15 months? If so puppy walking may just be for you!

My volunteers give up their time to care a puppy in their home from eight weeks old, while it develops and matures into a young adult dog, ready for training to be that life changing Guide Dog.

You will be responsible for teaching the pup social manners, developing basic skills on the lead and taking it out and about to a wide variety of places and situations.

I will visit you regularly and guide you through the amazing life of the puppy, as we work together to achieve a happy, confident, responsive and adaptable puppy who lives life to the full and will change someone’s life for ever. Puppy walking volunteers need to have lots of love, time, patience and a sense of humour.

Volunteers will also need a suitable area for the puppy to do its business and a private enclosed garden or yard. I will provide support and advice throughout your puppy experience and Guide Dogs provides food and covers vet bills.

If you would like to raise a life changing pup please ring me on 07990 540315 to find out more.

Wendy Huggins, Guide Dogs Puppy Training Supervisor, Leeds