A FAMILY who travel from Scotland two times a year to visit Thomas the Baker’s Yorkshire-based stores has been given a VIP tour of the Helmsley branch.

Gordon and Gemma Herbertson and their daughter Kimberley, seven, have taken their holidays around York for the last seven years and visit the stores while sightseeing.

Gordon said: “After our summer holiday we took home nine steak bakes, seven fat scamps and a cherry scone to freeze, and several more to eat fresh over the few days after we got home.

“Kimberley just loves Thomas’ steak bakes - nothing else comes close - not chocolate, not crisps, not even pizza.”

Heading to York for a recent holiday, the family got in touch to ask if there was any chance of seeing where the products were made.

As a special treat the company’s quality assurance manager Chris Chapman spent two hours showing them round the firm’s Helmsley bakery.

Chris said: “We were delighted to show the Herbertson family round our bakery – how could we refuse when they’re our biggest fans?

“It was lovely to show them how some of their favourite products are made and tell Gordon his favourite fat scamps are available.”