RICKY Cool and the In Crowd return to Helmsley Arts Centre (HAC) next week with their acclaimed stage show ‘A Night at the Flamingo.’

Join them as they take you on a trip back in time to Soho’s most iconic music venue of the early 1960’s and recreate the atmosphere of a typical Flamingo ‘All Nighter.’

Ricky Cool and the In Crowd serve up a gorgeous gumbo of sounds, similar to those loved by the early Mods who crammed in to the Flamingo to see and hear some of the greatest bands of the era.

The prestigious Flamingo club in Soho, London, marked an unforgettable era from 1952-1967 and was THE most renowned venue of blues and jazz scenes in London at the time.

The likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday performed in The Flamingo, whilst international artists of the time such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and The Rolling Stones frequented the club hunting for new sounds and attending the best jazz and R&B concerts.

Ricky said: “We are thrilled to be coming back to Helmsley Arts Centre with our show.

“It’s a lovely venue and the audience reaction last time was brilliant. We look forward to more of the same this time round.”

Tickets for the show, on Saturday, September 21, are available via the box office on 01439 771 700 or go to www.helmsleyarts.co.uk

Box office: 01439 771 700 www.helmsleyarts.co.uk