THE Ebberston Village Fair has hosted its first-ever Village Splash Challenge.

Organisers decided to hold the competition in a bid to create some friendly rivalry between neighbouring villages.

The challenge consisted of three-man teams who relayed over and under hurdles, while keeping as much water in their hole-covered bucket as possible.

Whoever had the most water remaining won, which this year was Ebberston themselves.

They are now hoping it will take place annually with a separate event for the trophy in intervening years.

Allan Hall, the Village Splash Challenge organiser, said: “Most villages in the area have an active social calendar so I thought why not create involvement with some friendly competition?

“Sadly, there is a limited amount of interaction between the local villages, which we want to change.

“We are hoping to make the Village Splash Challenge an annual event for the Ebberston Village Fair with even more teams next year.”

Allan added: “Everyone is welcome next year, the more the merrier.”