PEOPLE who use a commercial or commercial-like vehicle to deliver their household waste to household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) are being urged to check their passes.

Passes will need to be renewed if they have expired or don’t have a date.

North Yorkshire County Councillor Andrew Lee, executive member for waste management, said: “There are more than 20,000 commercial vehicle passes in circulation, many of which are no longer in use.

“If people visit an HWRC to dispose of their household waste and use a van, pick-up truck or similar vehicle to do so, it’s important that their passes are in date and that the information we hold about our customers is correct.”

To apply, go to

New passes will arrive within ten working days of the registration being accepted.

Passes are for people using commercial or commercial-like vehicles to deliver their own household waste. For anyone disposing of commercial waste, a waste carrier’s license will be required. These are available from the Environment Agency at

For more information and charges for commercial waste, go to