MANY readers will, like me, be very disappointed by the lack of leadership shown by our MP Kevin Hollinrake.

Ryedale lamb farmers sell the vast majority of their meat to the EU. This is currently tariff-free, but a no-deal Brexit would result in the immediate imposition of a 46 per cent tariff from November 1. It is now generally acknowledged this would put those farmers out of business.

Apart from holding a meeting with local farmers in 2018 with a nice photo on his website, Mr Hollinrake has failed to stand up for the interests of farmers and the large number of jobs supporting agriculture in his constituency.

Is he afraid that taking a stand will jeopardise his current application for chairmanship of the Treasury Select Committee?

To be a successful MP requires courage and backbone but, as with his role as apologist for fracking, are we now seeing the true face of the person who is supposed to represent our interests in Parliament?

In London, Mr Hollinrake plays on his “plain-speaking Yorkshireman” image; well, it’s high time he raised his head above the parapet and did just that.

Our farmers should be defended, not abandoned.

Dr Peter Williams, Malton

Don’t believe spin

The letter from Robert Payne (August 7) requires a response as it contains inaccuracies and misleading information.

He states that fracking has been around worldwide for around 100 years.

Although the principle, including the use of water and chemicals to stimulate flow has been around for a long time, the method now being used currently, ie high volume hydraulic fracturing with horizontal, as well as vertical drilling was developed by George Mitchell in the USA in the 1990s.

As for the UK, Cuadrilla reported last November that shale gas started flowing for the first time on the UK’s only fracking site in operation. This was an exploratory frack only and ceased because of seismic activity.

Wytch Farm is a conventional field which does not produce oil or gas by pumping high pressure frack fluid into shale rock. High pressure hydraulic fracturing has never been used here. He also appears to be a disciple of the Donald Trump school of climate change deniers.

Yes there have been natural climate change cycles for much of the planet’s history, but most climate scientists agree that the accelerating global warming and increasingly frequent unusual severe weather events worldwide can be attributed to a large degree on human activity.

As for fracking being essential for a reliable scource of inexpensive energy the same thing was said of nuclear generation, North Sea oil and privatisation none of this happened.

The most gullible people are those who believe the spin of the fracking industry and its supporters.

Phil and Chris Rowland, Pickering

Protect our future

I WAS astounded by the suggestion by Robert Payne, August 7, that we should stop “scaring” people about the threat of climate change.

I had thought that climate change denial was now a belief held only be a shrinking fringe of “dinosaurs” like Nigel Lawson and Donald Trump, but clearly not.

Mr Payne says that climate has always been changing, as indeed it has, and that these events are no different and we can do nothing about it.

Wrong. The big difference is not change per se but the rapidly accelerating speed of that change and the proven fact that it is largely caused by humanity’s actions.

Umpteen scientists have carefully measured the changes over the decades and there is now hardly a scientist in the world who denies it is happening, and yes we certainly can take measures to slow down the change.

Only recently, the IPC published a report, which recommended a whole series of actions, such as more tree planting and the restoration of forests, and burning less fossil fuel.

In the light of Mr Payne’s gross ignorance and complacency, I do not think his views on fracking can be given any credence, nor his suggestion that “we should continue to live as we have become accustomed to”.

People should be concerned. I have grandchildren, and I want to protect their future.

Mike Gwilliam, Norton