A COUNTY councillor has claimed a road in Norton is the “worst in Ryedale”.

Cllr Lindsay Burr is calling for North Yorkshire County Council to take immediate action to repair potholes in Langton Road, which she says is extremely challenging to drive along.

“Langton Road in Norton has now become the worst road in Ryedale. We need the county council to take immediate action,” she said.

“The potholes are a disgrace and action needs to be taken. The road has been like this for over a year now.”

Cllr Burr said: “The road has also become extremely challenging recently to travel up and down due to the two-way traffic and parked cars.

“Cars are now backing up from St Nicholas Street on to Langton Road and since the road works at the bottom of Langton Road were completed recently, after rain, we get a huge pool of standing water causing even more problems.

“There is also some work going on at the top of Langton Road at the moment and the road is now closed. However, some cars have totally disregarded the signs and are travelling up Langton Road driving round bollards, over grass verges and moving bollards and security fencing to get through.

“This reckless behaviour must stop as soon as possible.”

Richard Marr, area highways manager, said: “Langton Road in Norton is in our draft capital programme to be reconstructed and resurfaced next year, subject to funding being approved. We are carrying out monthly inspections of the road and any defects that meet our criteria will be repaired.

“We know that this section of road does have many repaired potholes. The old surface dressing has stripped and there are numerous old utility reinstatements. This is why it has been put forward for reconstruction and resurfacing.

“Regarding reports of some drivers disregarding the closures relating to current utility company work on Langton Road, these people are committing offences and I would urge the public to report such instances to the police.”