A HIT and run driver who drove off at speed after knocking a skateboarder onto her bonnet and windscreen has kept her licence.

Laura Stephenson, 47, tried to evade responsibility for the collision in the centre of Malton by telling police her car had been stolen shortly before the incident and returned to her drive after it, said Laurie Scott, prosecuting.

The victim, a young man, was riding a powered skateboard on the correct side of the road at 11.30am on August 4 last year.

As he turned left into Yorkersgate from Castlegate, Stephenson driving a silver Mitsubishi in the opposite direction, turned right into his path.

"He was struck by the vehicle such that he went onto the bonnet and into the windscreen before bouncing off and landing on the road," said Ms Scott.

"The driver made no attempt to stop and drove off at speed down the street."

An eyewitness flagged down a passing PCSO who, using CCTV from a nearby shop, got the Mitsubishi's registration number.

Police officers went to Stephenson's address where the car was parked in her driveway with a damaged bonnet, but she was not at home.

They sent her an official notice warning she would be prosecuted.

"The defendant responded stating her vehicle had been stolen at the relevant time. She was not driving it, but it had been returned to her shortly afterwards," said Ms Scott.

Stephenson of Dairy Way, Norton, pleaded guilty to failure to stop, failure to report an accident and careless driving on the day she was due to stand trial for perverting the course of justice at York Crown Court.

Judge Simon Hickey said she was lucky the skateboarder had only suffered scratches and minor injuries.

He ordered her to pay the victim £100 compensation plus a a £200 fine and put nine penalty points on her licence.

For her, Huw Edwards said she lived on benefits and couldn't work "because of disabilities".

The prosecution offered no evidence on the perversion of justice charge after she entered her pleas.