CALLS have been made for a reduction in the speed limit in the centre of Norton following an accident involving a child.

A seven-year-old boy was involved in a collision with a vehicle outside Derwent Swimming Pool in May.

Norton Town Council is now calling for the speed limit to be reduced from 30 to 20mph in Church Street.

Di Keal, district and town councillor for Norton West, said: “Following the recent dreadful accident involving a child in Church Street, Norton Town Council has agreed to lobby North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) to introduce a 20mph limit in the area.

“Their argument has always been that they don’t look at reducing speed limits or introducing traffic calming measure unless there has been an accident - well now sadly there has been a serious accident and I trust the county council will urgently introduce a lower limit.

“This is not the only area in Norton where there are problems with inconsiderate and dangerous driving - Welham Road, Beverley Road and Scarborough Road all have problems with some drivers exceeding the speed limits.

“As a result the town council is meeting with county highways to investigate buying a Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) that can be placed in these speeding hot spots in a bid to catch those motorists who seem to think it is acceptable exceeding limits in residential areas and putting others lives at risk.”

NYCC area highways manager Richard Marr said: “We

have received a request from Norton Town Council to discuss the safety concerns they have over Church Street and to see what measures might be considered.

“However we have to have a full understanding of the recent incident to ensure any response is appropriate.

“Every road user has a responsibility to keep themselves and others safe whilst travelling around the area.”