A TRAIN passenger burgled a horse stud when he missed his stop and started to walk home, York Crown Court heard.

Caught after two break-ins he went on the run for months until he was arrested on a bench warrant and locked up for a month.

David Ward, prosecuting, said Lee Anthony Roberts, 34, broke into the house at Norton Grove Stud, in Scarborough Road, on September 24 and slept there, leaving blood on sheets and walls. The next day he broke into a holiday lodge at Scampston Lodge Park, Wintringham, where he searched the premises and stole items worth £1,050, but was caught by security staff.

Defence solicitor Neal Kutte said Roberts had missed his station when travelling home from an evening spent drinking heavily with friends.

He had set off on foot to get home and passed the stud where he had worked for four months.

So he had broken into it, spent most of the night there and then continued his journey.

Then he saw the second house and had gone into it.

Roberts, of Kings Road, Doncaster, pleaded guilty to two burglaries and skipping bail.

He had been on remand since his arrest in May on a warrant issued when he should have attended York Crown Court in October.

Judge Sean Morris said it was an unusual case and at the time of the raids Robert had just had “various personal news” which had upset him.

“Because of your stupidity (not attending court in October) you have actually heard the clang of the prison gate and you have been in for the equivalent of a two-month sentence,” he said. “It is quite clear to me you need assistance.”

He gave Roberts a 12-month community order with 10 days’ rehabilitative activities and 180 hours’ unpaid work.

Mr Ward said Roberts got into the stud house by breaking a window.

Mr Kutte said he must have cut himself. He couldn’t remember much about his activities that night.

He had been drinking in Scarborough and had meant to get off the train at Malton to go to his father’s home in Rillington.

But he fell asleep until York. He then got a second train back to Malton and set off on foot for Rillington.