PICKERING Motor Club has held its annual motorcycle grass hill climb at Kilburn.

The event attracted a whopping 85 contenders to tackle the double-gradient climb.

A club spokesman said: “Secretary David Brown left his York home early Saturday morning with just 25 signed entry forms but that number soon changed as another 60 entries soon materialised.”

Changes this year included work on the hills bringing the spectators closer to the action, and a reduced start line to negate slightly the more powerful machines. The end finish area for the number one hill was flat.

The spokesman added: “The sun was up, the beer tent trade flourishing and there were hundreds of spectators.”

It was through those high numbers of paid spectators that the club could donate £1,000 to the Freddy Thompson Cancer Appeal Fund.

Freddie’s Fight is raising money for the young Ampleforth boy whose parents Emily and Phillip are raising money to pay for specialist neuroblastoma treatment in America. The Kilburn venue landowners Henry and David Thompson are supporting the campaign.

On the day, Ryan Staveley of Barnoldswick ruled the day, and his three Bainbridge victories were evidence of his talents.

His rival in the final was Terrington farmer Paul Johnson who was no slouch in his motocross days.

On the number two hill, the leaderboard went Harry Carmichael, Ricky Johnson and Any Doyley.

Other top riders were Oscar Taylor and Archie Inman in the youth contest, Adam Smith and Robin Mackley in the Classics, Paul Ayre and Steven Dennis in the Trials machines.