A MUSIC and food festival in Pickering has been labelled a success in its third year.

Swanning Around is a food, drink and live music festival, started in 2017, which was the brainchild of the Black Swan and Cockpit, Pickering’s new music venue.

Philip Hall, of the Black Swan, said of last weekend’s festival: “As seems to be traditional, the weather provided the perfect backdrop for Pickering’s summer festival.”

The line-up featured eight bands of some of the best local musicians.

A spokesman for the Cockpit venue said: “A huge thank you to all of the people who attended Swanning Around and to all of the people who made it happen. All of the acts played brilliantly and we got the lucky with the weather. Great music, drinks, food and sunshine. Let’s do it again soon.”

A significant proportion of the proceeds will be going to support the Marie Currie Organisation and Friends of Malton Hospital.

The spirit of the event will also continue throughout 2019 at The Cockpit.

There is already a line-up of acts local and from around the UK scheduled to perform at the intimate venue, with details online at cockpitpickering.co.uk