MOSAICS which were created over 20 years ago by members of the local community are undergoing a makeover.

The mosaics, which are situated in Lady Spring Woods in Malton, were made as part of the original scheme that provided paths in the woods.

Malton and Norton Area Partnership (MNAP), which has been working to restore the area, has received funding from Yorventure to pay artist Angela Hall of ArtsFarm to refresh and revive the mosaics.

The stones in which the mosaics are mounted have also been cleared of vegetation and in some places repaired or relocated by The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) from York. The current work follows on from MNAP’s successful project last year to reinstate the bridge over The Cut in The Gannock and to replace the boardwalk in the Lady Spring Woods.

“We are lucky to have been able to work with Angela, who was the artist involved in the original mosaics project, to be able to undertake this refresh and revitalisation now,” said Sarah Oswald, member of MNAP.

“Many of the mosaics had been damaged through weather and time, and some had come loose from their bases. A few needed to be relocated to improve their visibility. Working with Angela and TCV we are able to make these stunning art works fit for another 20 years”

Sarah said: “MNAP and Malton Town Council are committed to maintaining this wonderful area for the community and it will cost up to £2,000 per year for the lease, insurance and ongoing care and maintenance. MNAP will continue to fundraise and are grateful to Malton Cookery School and The Smile Rooms who have already provided sponsorship.”

Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor should contact Sarah Oswald, Executive Member of MNAP by email on or 07989 656690,