A 19-year-old persistent burglar who targeted small businesses has been locked up for 17 months.

Jordan James Eastwood of Bridle Place, Ossett, near Wakefield appeared at Leeds Crown Court on Tuesday, June 4 and was sentenced to 32 weeks’ detention at a young offenders institute for a number of burglaries in Scarborough.

He was also handed another 16-week sentence for a previous burglary in the West Yorkshire area and a further six months’ detention for breaching a suspended sentence.

Between Monday, February 4 and Tuesday, April 16, Eastwood targeted four separate businesses in Scarborough – two hairdressers, a pizzeria and a newsagent – stealing hundreds of pounds in cash and equipment from each of them.

One of the businesses targeted, a gents’ hairdressers, was unable to open for business following the break-in, losing out on earnings due to Eastwood stealing essential equipment such as hairdryers and hair clippers.

Speaking about the sentence handed to Eastwood, Detective Constable Gallagher-Barrass from Scarborough Police said:

“Over an 11-week period, Eastwood wreaked havoc amongst small business owners in Scarborough, who had their premises broken into, businesses and lives interrupted and earnings affected by his selfish actions.

“I hope his sentence sends out a clear message to other criminals who look to target small businesses in Scarborough, police will pursue you, convict you and put you in front of the courts to ensure justice is done.

“I also hope the sentence handed to Eastwood and knowing he has been put behind bars for over a year, provides some reassurance to those business owners whose livelihoods were affected by his thieving.”