COUNCILLORS have agreed for further work to be undertaken into the feasibility of a new livestock market on the outskirts of Malton.

At a meeting of the policy and resources committee on Thursday night, members voted unanimously to allow council officers to look at any further information which may be required before coming to a final decision.

The current plan to move the livestock market out of central Malton to the new site at Eden Camp has been ongoing for years, but started moving more rapidly in November 2018 when £50,000 was made available for consultants to look at the options.

Since then, Align Property Partners were commissioned to undertake this work, and in the last few months have submitted two reports; an options appraisal and a business case, which recommended that the Council supports a relocation of the livestock market to Eden Camp Business Park.

At Thursday’s meeting however, some councillors expressed ambivalence or hostility towards proceeding with the project. Cllr Chris Delaney said he feared the market could become a “white elephant” for the authority. Cllr Simon Thackray added: “If this is a viable entity then the people who are going to be making a profit are the people who should be investing their own money in the project. If it isn’t viable then this council must walk away immediately.”

But all councillors agreed to conclude the feasibility work, without committing any further external funding for it, before coming to a decision on the market.

Chair of the committee Cllr Keane Duncan said: “Given we’ve started this feasibility work it would be wrong and premature of us to say we’re not going to continue the work we’ve done so far.”

The further work will now be undertaken and a report brought to committee.