SETTRINGTON twins are in training for a gruelling ‘ultra-triathlon’ which is expected to take more than 12 hours.

On Thursday June 20, Miki and Tinky Crossley, 18, will start with a 10k swim of Lake Windermere at 4.30am, followed by a marathon run around the lake, finishing with a 30 mile bike ride back to the school they attend in Sedbergh.

The event has become known to pupils at Sedbergh as the ‘Boddy Challenge’ after it was created in 2017 by another Ryedale teenager, Imogen Boddy from Whitwell-on-the-Hill. It has since become a tradition, where girls are chosen by the school to take it on.

The twins have each chosen a charity close to their hearts to support as part of the undertaking.

Miki’s charity is Children with Cancer UK, which supports children who fight cancer with true courage and spirit. “Many of my family members have been affected by cancer so I know first hand how devastating the loss of a loved one can be,” she said.

“My aim is to help every child ring their end-of-treatment bell, which sadly only two out of ten children get to achieve.

“All the tears, injuries and early morning training has really been put it into perspective knowing that children fighting cancer go through so much worse with very little fuss and courage.”

Tinky’s charity is ABF The Soldiers Charity, which she chose in memory of their dad Johnnie Crossley, who died in a skiing accident in 2003 when the girls were just two years old. He served as an officer in the 9/12th Lancers. ABF provide vital support to soldiers, veterans and their families. Tinky said she is also thinking of joining the army after university.

The girls added they would be very grateful for support to help keep them going when it gets tough.

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