A WOMAN who passed away following a tragic fall at her house died accidentally, a coroner has concluded.

The inquest, held at Scarborough Town Hall on Friday, heard that Sharon Dawn Mansbridge, 50, died on January 8 at her home in Quarry Hill, Appleton-le-Street.

Jonathan Heath, assistant coroner for North Yorkshire, heard that Sharon’s body was found at the bottom of the stairs in her house by her sister and brother, who had become worried about her when she’d stopped answering messages.

The inquest heard from PC Alan Robson who was one of the first police at the property. He said that the electricity meter had run out but there was no signs of any forced entry into the house.

“Nothing presented as suspicious about the scene,” he said.

The inquest also heard written evidence from Sharon’s sister Jackie Leogue. She said that Sharon’s last occupation had been a lunchtime supervisor at a school and that she had been looking for work at the job centre.

Sharon’s GP gave evidence and said that in early January she’d been job hunting and having “good days and bad days” - and added that she had been drinking “a bottle of wine every other day or so.”

Evidence was given by Dr David Scoones of the James Cook University Hospital, who performed the post mortem examination. He said that the cause of death was a head injury including cerebral contusion. A toxicology report from Nigel Brown indicated she had alcohol in her system - enough to be associated with effects like light double vision - but that her death occurred “some time” after she’d stopped drinking.

Mr Heath recorded a conclusion of accidental death caused by falling down the stairs.

Sharon’s funeral was held at St Peter’s Church, Norton, on Tuesday, January 22.