A NEW exhibition exploring commonality and difference has opened at Ryedale Folk Museum.

The exhibition has been staged by the Art Happens Here Studio Collective, who are a group of artists based at Community House in Malton.

The artists include Andy Black, Kate Black, Serena Partridge, Rachel Renwick, Sally Taylor and Lyn Wait.

In this, their first collaborative exhibition, each artist will present an aspect of their current working practice. With some works still in progress and others more resolved, the exhibition is an exploration of potential commonalities between the group.

The artists will use the exhibition as a mechanism to see if and where their individual practices overlap and how this collaboration might contribute to their interconnectedness.

Sally Taylor will show a series of drawings, on found materials, including salvaged book covers, old posters and jigsaw boxes.

Kate Black presents hand-drawn, cut-out, painted collages based on a reoccurring motif of a horse. Andy Black will exhibit, charcoal drawings, which are a new body of work, representing a more improvised approach to constructing imagery.

New large-scale experimental drawings, on and away from the wall, with ceramics, charred fruit and cardboard will be shown by Lyn Wait. Using various paper supports and blackboard paint, Rachel Renwick will exhibit a small selection of monochromatic works.

Serena Partridge will show work previously exhibited at the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth. These pieces, created for Charlotte Bronte’s bicentenary, include leathers, fabric and threads fashioned into curious accessories, such as map gloves, hand-stitched with minuscule landmarks and a pair of mourning slippers, darned with wispy clouds of human hair.

Sally said: “We share a building, from where we all work. This is a supportive arena, where values and interests can be discussed and nurtured.

“We are a relatively new collective and this exhibition is an opportunity to critically reflect on what it means for different artists to occupy the same space. We are interested to think about if and how we are affecting each other’s work and progression.”

Art Happens Here is open daily from 10am to 5pm, until Sunday, July 7. It is free to visit the art gallery.