I’D like to use the Gazette & Herald to raise a warning about road safety at Butcher Corner in Malton.

When I travel south in Wheelgate and then wait at the traffic lights to turn right, I regularly see cars travelling north from Castlegate drive through a red light. This isn’t just one or two, I counted five one morning.

This not only leaves cars, waiting to turn right, stuck in the middle of the road waiting for a gap in the oncoming traffic, but it is dangerous for pedestrians who get the “green man” at this point in the traffic-light cycle and attempt to cross the road. This is an accident waiting to happen.

Please can drivers at this busy junction give a bit more thought to other road users before someone is injured or worse.

Heather Williams, Malton

Great to see trail

I WANT to congratulate Pickering Town Council on producing their town trail.

It is good to see the initiative started by the Town Team nearly 10 years ago coming to fruition.

A bid for a wider ranging project was submitted for Heritage Lottery funding but, unfortunately, was unsuccessful. Funds from the Town Team and the Regional Development Agency Yorkshire Forward were given to the Pickering Civic Society and it is these which have enabled the town council to produce their guide. It is good to see this good idea finally realised.

William Oxley, Pickering

Thanks for letter

IN response to Richard Colman’s letter regarding the noise from single engine aircraft overhead, I have lived here in Kirkbymoorside for three years and previously at Gilling East for longer where there was a similar problem. I should like to thank him for writing to you.

I am thankful that there are others “on the ground” who object to this form of pollution. Noise pollution is surely as bad as plastic pollution in our oceans, so we must not underestimate the effect on ourselves and particularly our children.

Are we again going to wait until we see Sir David Attenborough “On Noise”?

Nicholas Ripley, Kirkbymoorside

I’ll sign petition HOW right Richard Colman is in his complaint about that selfish pilot spoiling the tranquility of the day.

Sitting trying to relax in the garden with that awful noise going on was impossible. I would gladly sign a petition to restrict this pest.

Bill Tait, Helmsley

Remember when?

IT is almost 80 years since evacuees came to Helmsley and Kirkbymoorside stations from Mersey Street School in Hull.

The seniors (aged 11 to 14) went to Gilling and Harome villages for billets and schools on September 1, 1939. A photograph album by an evacuee has been found.

The Helmsley Archive now displays a full copy of his masterly presentation of their activities, which can be found under the names of these two host schools, now closed at helmsleyarchive.org.uk/thumbnails.php?album=61

Some seniors were also happily installed at Ampleforth St Hilda’s and at Hawnby, with Juniors at Lastingham, Hutton-le-Hole and Farndale.

If anyone in these communities remembers Mersey Street School evacuees, please would they look first at the Helmsley Archive (online) and then get in touch with us through the Ryedale Family History Group editor, who has been instrumental in finding a survivor who went to Ampleforth, aged 11 and is now 91, and reminiscing happily over her time in the village and St Hilda’s School. Please quote “Mersey Street Evacuees”.

John and Helen Dean, c/o Editor Ryedale Family History Group, Hovingham Village Hall, YO62 4LF, or editor@ryedalefamilyhistory.org

Campaign for ME

MANY of your readers living with the complex, neurological condition myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) are missing out on normal life; one in four are so severely ill they are house- and/or bed-bound.

As part of our work for global ME Awareness Month, UK charity Action for ME is asking everyone with ME to share their experiences of healthcare, welfare benefits, employment and education in our Big Survey.

We will use what you tell us to campaign more effectively for better services and support, and improve the lives of children, young people and adults with ME.

Take our Big Survey now at surveymonkey.co.uk/r/afmebigsurvey, open until August 2 – and please get in touch on 0117 927 9551 if you need information and support for you or a family member.

Sonya Chowdhury, chief executive, Action for ME

Parking problems

NOW that we have freshly elected town representatives, can I ask when something will be done to deal with the chaotic parking in Market Place?

I seem to remember there was a proposal to put the parking on one side of Market Place with provision for disabled drivers.

David Tomlinson, Pickering