I HOPE readers will allow me to do a quick round-up of last weekend’s Malton Food Lovers Festival. I know we have done a few of these festivals now, indeed this year was the 11th annual event, but I cannot think of a previous event that was quite so exciting, quite so uplifting and quite so busy.

When Visit Malton CIC started the food festival in 2009 and a small crowd turned up.

I don’t think any of us could have imagined a decade later we would attract the stream, the river, nay the sea of people, that descended upon Malton for 48 hours this May Spring Bank Holiday.

There were visitors from all across the UK, proving this is now truly a national festival.

I showed friends around town from all across Yorkshire, Newcastle, Scotland and a lovely group from London, who had travelled up especially. We also know we had visitors from further afield, and even some from abroad.

With so many great stalls this year it is obviously hard to pick just one, but I really enjoyed a “Misfit” beer from Brass Castle, which I heartily downed - perhaps explaining my slight hangover on Sunday. Tikks Thai Kitchen was also amazing once again.

Taverner’s Yard was great, I couldn’t resist a few tasters there. In the Pop-Up Picnic Area I visited Nan’s Van and their vegan street food went down really well too.

It was also great to see Talbot Yard so busy. The Talbot’s new terrace was packed and it was a thrill to see people enjoying the new bar till late on the Saturday night.

The host of Yorkshire chefs doing demonstration in the new Cookery School was fabulous and our thanks go to special guests Stephen Smith, from The Star Inn, James Mackenzie, from the Pipe & Glass, and Sabrina Ghayour, who was truly an inspiration.

This British/Iranian food writer is often on the Amazon bestseller list with her books Persiana, Sirrocco and her latest title Bazaar – Sabrina has recently moved to Yorkshire (and why not).

Her first demonstration in Yorkshire was superb and it is exciting for Malton to be the showcase venue for not only Yorkshire cuisine but world cuisine too.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get better, I am thrilled to say that the one and only Tommy Banks, the chef owner of the best restaurant in the world, has agreed to be our festival patron for the foreseeable future.

We welcome Tommy to the Visit Malton team as our new ambassador - now that was definitely a great ending to the festival.

It would be remiss of me not to thank the now quite large team who put on this fantastic event, especially the volunteers because without their hard work this event could simply not succeed and, of course, I thank all the visitors, who came to visit Malton.

It was a glorious, happy, foodie collective that was surging and sweeping across Malton - we were very proud to host you all. As many pointed out “Malton was again, truly the star”.

And just when you thought Malton couldn’t give more, our Malton Monthly Food Market returns on Saturday, June 8, for a splendid day of food and fun.

The monthly markets feature a smaller selection of our fantastic producers and the queues are a lot shorter too.

Pop on down, and if you are hankering for a bit of a party, our new music festival Meadowfest is on Saturday, July 20.

Early bird tickets are available on our website now – go to visitmalton.com for all the details.