TWO state-of-the-art oars used in a charity challenge have been donated to a rowing club.

In 2017 Pickering Rotary Club modified a fishing boat to look like a pirate ship and took part in the annual Vogalonga in Venice.

Rotarian Hugh Morgan said: “While they had a boat, they had no oars, and if they had some oars they had little idea of how to row. Fortunately, Whitby Friendship Rowing Club came to the rescue.

“As things progressed the Rotarians became more proficient at rowing, and with a donation from Persimmon Homes were able to acquire some state of the art carbon fibre oars. With the Vogalonga project now finished, and the boat sold, which made yet more money for charity, the question of what to do with the oars arose. It was an easy decision, the oars should go to the Whitby Rowing Club for use by their junior rowers.”

Dave Clarkson, from the Whitby Rowing Club, said: “I am delighted that we have been able to assist Pickering Rotarians with their Vogalonga venture.”