RIEVAULX Terrace is hosting a new sculpture exhibition inspired by the historical site.

In this new work, A Tale of Two Sketchbooks, Yorkshire artist Fiona Bowley has responded to the rich history and theatricality of Rievaulx Terrace, near Helmsley, by creating an installation inspired by the imagined meeting of two 18th century women artists.

Taking their chance encounter as a starting point, she has created an exhibition of sculptures that will be installed in the Ionic Temple and on the Terrace.

Laura Kennedy, visitor experience manager, said: “Upon visiting Rievaulx Terrace, Fiona, like many artists and poets, was moved by the dramatic views across the terrace and valley below, as well as the history of the site.

“The landscape has provided her with a dramatic and creative stage on which to tell the imaginary tale of two extraordinary women.

“The 18th century artists in question are Ann Duncombe, the daughter of the Terrace’s creator, Thomas II Duncombe, and Effie Silver, who was fostered from the London Foundling Hospital by the artist William Hogarth and apprenticed to one of his studio assistants.

“The imagined encounter took place in 1777 when the latter travelled to Yorkshire to assist in the painting of Ann’s portrait.”

The exhibition is comprised of 10 stone sculptures on the Terrace and inside the Ionic Temple, as well as handmade objects on display beneath the Ionic Temple.

Here visitors will find objects which bring to life the characters including Ann and Effie’s sketchbooks, paint boxes, toys, miniatures and other personal possessions.

The exhibition is on display until Sunday, September 29, and normal admission prices apply.

Rievaulx Terrace is open Monday to Sunday, from 10am to 5pm.

For more information, phone 01439 748283 or visit nationaltrust.org.uk/rievaulx-terrace