POLICE have arrested two people on public order offences after they angrily smashed the windows in their own car.

In a post on social media, North Yorkshire Police's road policing group said that they stopped the foreign-registered vehicle on Tuesday morning near Malton, as they suspected it was being used by a UK resident who was attempting to avoid paying tax and insurance.

They added: "There was also information which suggested the vehicle had been involved in multiple traffic offences in a neighbouring force area.

"When we informed the occupants that the vehicle would be seized on behalf of the DVLA, they didn't take to kindly to the news and began to smash up the car.

"Two occupants were arrested for public order and damage offences and it later transpired that the driver had given false details as he did not hold a valid driving licence.

"Both have now been charged with public order offences and the driver with obstructing police and document offences."

The pair will appear in court in due course.