ROADWORKS across North Yorkshire could soon be carried out by a new company - set up by the county council.

NYCC has proposed scrapping contracts with external companies from 2021 and creating its own company to complete works on the region’s 5,750 miles of roads.

The new company would be wholly owned by NYCC, and complete the contracts which are currently worth about £50 million per year.

Cllr Don Mackenzie said the company would also be allowed to operate commercially, meaning it could tender for external work and generate extra income for the council in the future, but not in the first years of its operation.

Cllr Mackenzie said: “It’s a model which would allow us greater control and flexibility over our highways service delivery, while removing the contractual constraints that exist with the current arrangements.

“Through more direct accountability for the works on the ground we could deliver a ‘right first time’ service with the customer continuing to be at the heart of everything that we do.

“A very large proportion of the highways team live in North Yorkshire, they are passionate about their communities and take pride in delivering services which are used by their own friends and families.

“We believe that the proposed delivery model will ensure that we get the maximum benefit from that local pride and passion.”

Cllr Mackenzie said the county council must be “innovative and consider the strongest options for improving services that also represent best value all round”, and the executive was due to consider the new company at a meeting today.

If given the go-ahead, staff currently employed by Ringway - who currently carry out highway services - would be subject to a TUPE transfer to the new company.