ANOTHER new month and another new range of products are being lovingly ‘Made in Malton’.

I’m proud that, more and more, Malton is back to being a town of makers, of creators, a town of artisans.

And this time ladies and gents I’m excited to announce that it’s not food either.

Malton’s branching out!

If you wander up Market Street along the alley towards Talbot Yard you will come across Green Man Barns and you might just notice the entrancing fragrance of lavender and sweet orange coming from the new HQ of Cosy Cottage Soap.

Yup that’s right, Malton now makes the most fabulous handmade soaps and shampoos.

Set up two years ago by Clara Challoner Walker on her kitchen table (don’t all the best things start there), Cosy Cottage’s mission is to create the best handmade ethical skincare products - as good for the environment as they are for customers.

And what Clara has created is truly remarkable.

Soaps and skincare products made entirely from natural ingredients, free from all palm oil, artificial additives, parabens, artificial perfumes and colourings.

Clara is keen to point out that it’s all made in small batches to try and use as little energy as possible and to reduce waste to a minimum.

All the packaging is recyclable, compostable and plastic free - naturally.

But what of the products themselves.

Well to me, they smell like heaven, they really do.

All created from essential oils made exclusively from distilled flowers or fruits, Clara uses lavender for its relaxing properties, energising sweet orange and geranium, which is uplifting.

There are many more too.

Clara’s soaps and creams, made from hemp and patchouli oil (patchouli is a plant extract), are particularly popular and beneficial to those with allergies and eczema.

Indeed Clara tells me there has been lots of positive feedback from customers with skin conditions who just love Cosy Cottage products.

Clara’s top seller is her solid shampoo bar, fragrance free, it appeals to all, and impressively this vegan product has sold 10,000 bars across the world since it was developed last year.

Cosy Cottage skincare has seen its products purchased online and sent to all corners of the globe including Vietnam and Australia.

Clara’s ethos extends beyond production and packaging too.

She distributes not through big chains but prefers smaller independent shops who, she says are more committed to her local and sustainable ethos.

At her new Malton HQ, she’s managed to increase the size of her production space two-fold and with a small retail outlet she hopes it will offer new flexible employment opportunities too.

Artisan, high quality, sustainable, all things Malton is proud of in the food world and now Cosy Cottage Soap Co is bringing the same qualities to town with skincare too.

I can thoroughly recommend a walk-up Green Man Alley to Green Man Barns where things have just started smelling even sweeter.

Why not take a peek while visiting the Malton Monthly Food Market this Saturday for our wonderful April market?

There will be over 35 artisan food and drink producers on the market plus Fountells, the Alfred Enderby Smokehouse and The Galloping Gourmet will all be serving up delicious street food.

The market is free to enter and runs from 9am to 3pm.

See for more details.