A GRANDMOTHER who slashed her sleeping husband 13 times with a breadknife has been jailed for 31 months.

Rachael Landin, prosecuting, said the husband woke with a "searing pain in his right arm and shoulder" to find Debbie Goldsborough, 53, standing over him with an eight-inch bladed knife in her hand.

Bleeding with 13 slashes and cuts on his neck, arms and body, he rang 999, but she took the mobile phone off him.

Police rang back on the couple's landline and she told them nothing had happened, but he managed to call out "help me please, help me".

Then he fled the house dressed only in a dressing gown.

"I cannot live with her, I would be frightened to go to sleep and I don't want her back in the house," he told officers in a statement, said Miss Landin.

He also said Goldsborough needed help and that her behaviour had changed after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Both had spent the evening on a pub crawl round Malton centre lasting at least six hours.

Goldsborough claimed her husband had slashed himself until the day of her trial, when she changed her plea.

The 53-year-old grandmother, of Peasey Hills Road, Malton, admitted wounding and cried as she was jailed for 31 months at York Crown Court.

For her, Neal Kutte said she was a law-abiding woman who had never been in trouble with the police before.

She had serious medical conditions, though the cancer was in remission.

The husband had sent a "plea for leniency" to the judge.

Miss Landin said the couple had been married for a year and together for four.

On September 22, Goldsborough drank a bottle of wine at home and her husband had something to drink before they went out at 5pm.

The husband told her to go steady as they continued drinking, he mostly beer, and she mostly wine, in five different pubs.

After some hours he suggested they go home, but she replied: "You ..... go home, I'm staying out."

He went home and immediately fell asleep under the joint effect of alcohol and his medication.

When he awoke, her adult son managed to get the knife.