A CLOSE-UP celebration of the hidden gems of North Yorkshire’s architecture is the focus of a new exhibition by local artist Anna Matyus

Having moved back from the Middle East three years ago, Anna realised how much she had missed the rich history and varied beauty that we have access to right here on our doorstep in England.

She said: “I think what strikes me most when I visit heritage buildings around North Yorkshire is not only the immense beauty and craftsmanship of the architecture of these sites but also the tranquillity of their location.

“As St Aelred is said to have written of Rievaulx Abbey ‘everywhere peace, everywhere serenity, and a marvellous freedom from the tumult of the world’.”

Anna said that it is something she certainly feels when spending time gathering inspiration for her work in these dramatically atmospheric and impressive ruins, exploring and imagining what life was like in times gone by, walking in the footsteps of others, whilst taking in the stunning and picturesque views that this area has to offer.

That said, is it the attention to detail carved into the stonework of these magnificent edifices that provides the focus for this exhibition.

Specialising in intaglio and relief printmaking, Anna’s current work derives from her response to motifs discovered in the architectural detail of North Yorkshire’s heritage buildings. Wanting to celebrate that which could easily be overlooked and which is often faded and worn away, she uses a rich and colourful palette to begin the restorative process, aiming to create an overall abstract design that allows the viewer to connect with both the history and beauty of her chosen elements of inspiration.

Anna said:“I think no matter what beliefs and values you may have, its hard not to fall in love with these places and find some kind of connection even if just with the nature and outstanding beauty we are so fortunate to have here in North Yorkshire.”

Anna’s exhibition Everywhere Serenity runs at Rickshaw in The Shambles, Malton until Saturday, April 27.

The gallery is open Monday to Saturday 10am – 5pm.