I HAVE noted the recent public meeting in Norton, which seeks a reversal of the road junction priorities, approaching the level crossing.

It seems that the existing priorities are supported by Network Rail, because they reduce the number of vehicles which are tailing back onto the crossing, when the rail signaller needs to initiate the crossing closing sequence.

Of course, if all drivers had previously fully observed the box junction markings on the crossing proper, then it would never have become obstructed in this way.

The level crossing road lights are electrically monitored to prove that they are working.

Most crossings are also fitted with event loggers, which record the full sequence of equipment operation. Almost like aircraft flight recorders.

Perhaps it is time to go one step further at Malton, and install ANPR cameras. Network Rail has already fitted these to several previously misused crossings around the country.

They are triggered by the road user warning lights, for each lowering sequence. Offenders can accept a fine or agree to attend a level crossing awareness course.

Local councillors might usefully seek legal and technical guidance from North Yorkshire County Council highway officers, who in turn could take advice from the British Transport Police and Network Rail.

If ANPR can be fitted here, there may be sufficient assurance of road user discipline, for the junction priorities to revert back in favour of Church Street.

Yes I live in York but occasionally use the crossing and have followed recent debate with interest, as a retired rail engineer.

Paul Hepworth, York


Hate to disappoint

I WRITE in response to Martin Cruttwell’s letter (Gazette & Herald, March 6, 2019).

Mr Crutwell asks whether our Parliament is on the way to being “the most oppressive instrument in the world”.

He asks whether this is through mistakes or whether it might be deliberate.

I hate to disappoint but having worked with a Government department for several years, I can reassure Mr Cruttwell that they couldn’t organise the proverbial.

We are safe from any deliberate act, although I am less certain about the alternative route.

Jerry Swift, Great Barugh


Keep town unique

REGARDING the survey carried out lately, I would like to express my opinion on making Malton Market Place a pedestrian zone.

I have been in business in Malton all my working life and it has been in our family for five generations, so I think I have a good idea of what works for trading in Malton.

People like to come into town and be able to park and shop, while companies deliver goods straight to the door.

Please don’t make the mistake of other market towns and town centres by making pedestrian areas only.

People will still shop by car and go straight to the supermarkets. Please keep Malton unique.

Derek Fox, Malton


Speed sign idea

AT present there seems to be speed cameras all over the area.

Although I welcome safety measures on the road, I am not convinced that these cameras actually improve road safety.

I know many careful and sensible drivers who have been caught with these devices.

Why can’t we have, with modern technology available, devices fitted into the speed signs that send out a signal to your car to alert you of the limit or better still inhibit your vehicle so it can not exceed the limit.

This would free you the police to concentrate on catching the criminals that roam our beautiful county.

But would the government be happy to lose all that revenue from speeding fines, I think not.

W B Tait, Helmsley