MALTON and Norton have changed greatly over the years, with some properties disappearing and other ones built.

The Woodhams-Stone Collection is an extensive local history collections of the two communities which has been built up over many decades by Sid Woodhams and John Stone.

It includes hundreds of postcards and photographs showing the streets and landmarks of Malton, Old Malton and Norton from around 1900 to the present day.

Together with a large paper-based archive relating to local businesses, public notices, and advertisements for entertainment, including dances, sporting events and concerts, the collection is a valuable source for tracing the history of Norton, Malton and the local area.

Other items in the collection relate to local businesses and trades, including items relating to the once familiar Russell’s Brewery and the Co-operative Society, and tools from trades such as joinery, coopering and butchery.

Here photographer Frank Dwyer has recreated some of the scenes of yesteryear with those of today to see how much they have changed.

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