MALTON WI are collecting milk bottle tops for an new initiative set up by the cosmetic company Lush.

The group had been looking into the damage waste is causing to the world to the climate and to wildlife.

President Sharon Cawte said that they decided to support a campaign to collect milk bottle tops launched by Lush.

“As a group this is a simple appeal, we can get involved in, collect the bottle tops, gather them together and then when one of us is heading to York we can drop them in at the shop- making a special trip goes against the grain of what we are trying to achieve,” she said.

Sharon said at the group’s next monthly meeting they would be making bird feeders.

“Due to the amount of building in town we have all noticed a decline in wildlife,”she said.

“My parents used to have a woodpecker visit their garden daily, it visited for a few years and then when the housing development in Langton Road started the woodpecker disappeared.”

She added: “We want to do our bit so we are looking forward to getting stuck in this year - a big difference can be made with a little change.”

To support the milk bottle top campaign, email