A CHARITY which provides services to visually impaired people in Ryedale has received £5,000 from the Wilfred Jackson Will Trust.

Sight Support Ryedale, in Norton, supports blind and partially sighted people with a programme of social groups, activities and excursions.

Julie Atkinson, service manager, said: “We are delighted with this generous donation from the Wilfred Jackson Will Trust. These funds will be used to support our programme of regular activities which bring sight impaired people together to receive support and to forge new friendships.

“Having sight loss, and limited public transport in our rural area, it is difficult for our sight impaired people to access activities and services independently; by providing transport to our groups we can alleviate one of the practical problems arising from sight loss.”

Julie added: “We very much appreciate the support of the Wilf Jackson Will Trust which enables us to continue to deliver safe and appropriate activities for our members.”

Wilfred Jackson was a well-known local builder who had left part of his estate in a trust fund to help disadvantaged people in Malton and Norton.

For more information about Sight Support Ryedale, go to sightsupportryedale.org