CONGRATULATIONS to Ryedale District Council in having the foresight to install two rapid charge points for electric vehicles in the two towns.

Considering the lack of response on this issue from North Yorkshire County Councol, the National Park or Scarborough Council, this is good news indeed.

We now need to publicise this new facility (especially on the A64 approach signs) so that electric car owners heading for the coast (a charge point desert) can stop for a coffee and a shop while their car is merrily charging.

I just wish Ryedale District Council had more foresight in the past when they squandered large sums of our money on poor schemes like the Wentworth Street car park and moving their offices.

Their support for the new cattle market is also questionable if there is no longer a sound business case for it.

Glyn Wild, Swinton

Deal doesn’t deliver

MP Kevin Hollinrake says “Mrs May’s deal is the only proposal that delivers on the promises made prior to the referendum”.

It certainly does not. The Irish backstop leaves us tied indefinitely to EU trade rules with no right or ability to influence those rules nor to export freely outside the EU. This means we are not actually leaving the EU.

In addition, I assume that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) would still be able to rule on any disputes.

At least two out of three key issues are, therefore, not achieved in Mrs May’s proposal. The third being control of our borders.

How can this be claimed to be delivering on the promises Mr Hollinrake?

It seems to me that many MPs and big businesses are trying to scare, hoodwink and bully voters with references to “crashing out” and other misfortunes.

A further rhetorical thought. Which negotiator of sound mind would take out of his negotiating “toolbox” his strongest bargaining points, as some MPs are doing, by insisting that “no deal” is not an option and also asking for an extension to the end of March deadline?

Neither side wants a no deal but why concede these points before further talks even begin?

My simple message to Mr Hollinrake and his MP colleagues is - there has been planning for Brexit in the UK and Europe and the clear message to all MPs is honour the referendum result, stop trying to scare the public with references to “crashing out” of the EU, reject Mrs May’s deal because it does not honour the referendum or recent manifestos, and get us out of the EU by the agreed date – with or without a “deal”.

That’s what we voted for, just do it and stop trying to find excuses for not doing so. We managed our own affairs pretty successfully for centuries prior to joining the EU 40 years ago.

There’s no reason to doubt we can do it again after leaving the EU. If MPs somehow thwart that, the public should not trust those who do so ever again.

John Hudson, Norton

Sign up for run

RESOLUTIONS can be hard to stick to but if we’re all doing something together for a great cause, I think they’re so much easier. I think of resolutions as my new year’s “intentions” instead which take the pressure off and makes the great things I want to achieve, even more exciting.

This year, I am proud to be an ambassador for the Stroke Association’s Resolution Run events and I’m looking for everyone in Yorkshire to get involved too.

We all know someone who has been effected by stroke but sadly it is still a condition that far too many people don’t understand or think will happen to them. The truth is that stroke is closer than most people think.

The charity has research that shows regular exercise is one of the key ways to help reduce your risk and the good news is you don’t have to be an athlete to get started. Just dust off your running shoes, get your friends and family together and head out there.

By taking part you’ll be helping to support stroke survivors and their families as they rebuild their lives. These events are a great opportunity to stay fit and make new friends too.

Resolution Run events are open to all ages and abilities and you can run, jog or walk to the finish line.

To sign up and for more information and training tips visit

I’ll be at the start line, will you?

Sally Gunnell