DELICATE Flowers is a fast-moving boxing play that punches above its weight.

Written by Hull-based playwright Mark Rees and produced by his

Single Story Theatre Company, Delicate Flowers tells the story of Barbara Buttrick, the young boxer and wrestler from Hessle in East Yorkshire, who fought adversity in her personal life in the 1940s and 1950s to fight opponents in the ring.

Narrated in the current day by Karen, a young boxer from Hull, who wants to use her boxing skills to improve her own situation, the 60-minute play dramatises Buttrick’s journey through the fairground boxing booths of France, England and America to winning the World Women’s Bantamweight Championship.

Mark said: “Barbara is a fascinating story of achievement against the odds and shines a spotlight on the challenges still faced by women today not just in sport but their everyday lives.

“Amber does a fantastic job in holding audiences across an action-packed hour interweaving her present day character of Karen with that of Barbara Buttrick as they struggle to balance home life with their ambitions to make it in the ring.”

Delicate Flowers is at Pickering Memorial Hall on Sunday, March 3. For tickets, go to