AN UNINSURED driver who led police on a 150mph chase through a notorious accident blackspot stretch of the A64 has been jailed.

Jake Dodsworth, pictured, also went at high speed through roadworks, drove the wrong way round Hopgrove roundabout and jumped two red lights during the 16-mile night-time pursuit.

It ended when a police car rammed his hire purchase BMW 3 series car and blocked his path on the slip road leading to the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet, south of York, the city’s crown court heard.

His barrister Laura Addy said he could now lose his boyhood dream to be a haulier with a fleet of lorries.

“This was an extraordinary series of speeds,” Judge Simon Hickey told Dodsworth. “It was a flagrant decision to disregard the rules of the road and the safety of other road users. It was prolonged and persistent. Anyone could have been killed or maimed by your driving.”

Dodsworth, 22, of Sandway Drive, Camblesforth, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and driving without insurance. He already had six points on his licence for a speeding offence and going through a red light. He was jailed for eight months, banned from driving for two years and 10 months and ordered to take an extended driving test before driving alone again.

The judge said a traffic policeman tried to pull Dodsworth over when he saw him overtaking another vehicle at 88mph at Crambeck. But Dodsworth responded by fleeing at high speed through roadworks near Barton and on towards York, hitting 150mph on one stretch where the road narrowed to a single carriageway.

The judge said at that speed no driver could react to any hazard, whatever the type of car he was driving.

Dodsworth had again hit 150mph on the York Outer Ring Road after going through one red light and the wrong way round Hopgrove roundabout. He had also gone through a red light at the Fulford Interchange roundabouts.

Ms Addy said Dodsworth had no idea why he had fled from the police. He had gone for a drive to clear his head after arguing with his girlfriend.

The car was only insured through the job he had lost the day before the police chase and he faced losing the money he had paid for it.