A SECOND public meeting is to be held to help find a solution to the ongoing traffic issues in Malton and Norton.

More than 100 people attended an initial meeting in December, which was organised by members of the Norton and Malton Local Traffic Congestion, in a bid to voice their frustration at changes to the Church Street junction, which was implemented by North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) two years ago.

Concerns were raised over the safety of the junction both from a pedestrian and motorists’ point of view.

Mark Wilson, from the Norton and Malton Local Traffic Congestion group, said: “We had a tremendous response to our first meeting and we want to keep up that momentum to move things forward.

“We still welcome local people’s ideas and thoughts so we can gather as much information as we can ahead of the meeting on March 6.”

Mark said the group had produced flyers which were being distributed around Malton and Norton.

“We would welcome as many people as possible to come along and support this meeting,” he said.

“Our initial aim is to discuss the Church Street junction which has caused so many issues and then after that we can look at other traffic problems in and around Malton and Norton.

“Please spread the word far and wide to all your local friends. We need representatives from the following if anyone has any direct contact - police, fire service, Network Rail, ambulance service, Norton and Malton Town Councils, district and county councils, bus service, highways, haulage companies and any local businesses, everyone is welcome.”

NYCC is currently working on a computer traffic model, which will test the impacts of changing the traffic movements in Norton and Malton which will then go out to public consultation.

The public meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 6, at 7pm, at Ryedale Community Leisure Centre, off Scarborough Road, Norton.

For more information, go to Norton and Malton Local Traffic Congestion on Facebook.