A DRINK driver who crashed into a parked car as he fled from police has been given a six-month suspended prison sentence.

Piers Hamish McIntosh, 20, of Bulmer, fought to get away from an officer when he was caught and had cannabis in his car, said Jessica Lister, prosecuting.

His solicitor Kevin Blount said he was so upset by what he had done, he was attempting to run to a nearby bridge and throw himself off it.

District judge Adrian Lower said McIntosh’s offences were so serious he would normally send him straight to jail or to the crown court, which could impose higher sentences than he could.

But because McIntosh had only driven a short distance, no other driver or pedestrian was inconvenienced and he had poor mental health, he could suspend the six-month prison sentence for two years. He also ordered

McIntosh to do 10 days’ rehabilitative activities and 150 hours’ unpaid work, pay a £115 statutory surcharge and £85 prosecution costs, disqualified him from driving for two years and ordered him to retake his driving test.

McIntosh, pleaded guilty at York Magistrates Court to dangerous driving in Scarborough Terrace, Clifton, York, resisting a police officer in Falsgrave Crescent, Clifton, York, and drink driving and possession of cannabis in Grosvenor Terrace, Clifton, York.

The district judge said police were tipped off that someone was smoking cannabis in the car park where McIntosh had parked his car.

“I don’t know whether that was you - it really doesn’t matter,” he told McIntosh.

Police followed McIntosh as he drove off and when they signalled at him to pull over, he then panicked and sped off at speed, said the district judge.

Mr Blount said McIntosh crashed into a parked car as he tried and failed to make a 90 degree turn at the end of Grosvenor Terrace. It wasn’t a police chase because police didn’t pursue him.

McIntosh had been at a Christmas works’ do and had allowed a colleague to sit in his car to keep warm.

Finding himself behind the wheel, he had decided to drive the short distance to where he planned to spend the night.