RYEDALE Dog Rescue hit a significant milestone when it recently rehomed its 1,000th dog.

The male brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier, named Arthur, has been rehomed in Levisham.

Rosie Stephenson, of Ryedale Dog Rescue, said that Arthur is “just great all round”, and he was getting on brilliantly with the other pets in his new home.

“It really shows how misunderstood Staffies often are,” she said.

New owner Renate Maddocks-Born said that Arthur has been with them for six weeks and they’ve been delighted with him.

“He’s been absolutely fine, he moved in and very much made himself at home,” she said. “He took to everything like a duck to water.”

She added that they have two cats and also another Staffie cross named Dudley.

“When we heard about Arthur we went to see him - the two dogs are both one-year-olds and got on famously. They get a lot of attention,” she said.

“Staffies get a lot of bad press and people have prejudices but ultimately they are very good-natured family dogs - very mild-mannered.

“Ryedale Dog Rescue are very well known and regarded in the area. They do a fantastic job.”

Ryedale Dog Rescue was formed in 2005 and became a registered charity in January 2007.

Originally set up to rehome abandoned and unwanted animals within the Ryedale area, it soon began to help dogs in the East Riding of Yorkshire area and beyond which were facing the threat of unnecessary destruction and desperately needing help.

From humble beginnings homing 12 dogs in its first year, it now homes about 80 dogs per year.

The charity is run entirely by volunteers and raises all its own funds through a large number of events.