PEOPLE living and working in Malton and Norton are being invited to have their say on future planning policy for the two towns.

Malton and Norton town councils are taking advantage of new powers which allow local communities to influence planning decisions in their areas.

Cllr Paul Andrews, Malton mayor, said the town councils would like the plan to cover the whole of both of the parish areas of Malton and Norton.

“As Ryedale’s principal towns, we aspire to promote appropriate growth and opportunity in a high-quality environment,” he said. “We are proud of Norton and Malton’s heritage, both of archaeological value and of more modern origins.

“We wish to support culturally rich and vibrant opportunities, including improvement of existing services and the development of new facilities.”

Cllr Andrews said that through the creation of the plan, local people will have the opportunity to help shape future policies for land use and the scale of development; such as where new homes, shops, offices, employment sites should be built and what they should look like.

“Subject to passing the formal tests, a local referendum and examination, the neighbourhood plan will become part of the local planning framework.

“The plan will aim to preserve the character of Malton and Norton as attractive market towns and to facilitate the needs of residents in the areas of housing, employment, education, health, leisure, recreation, sport and transport and ensure a flourishing commercial, retail business and economic environment.

“I would urge residents to read and comment on the plan. The town council welcomes full public participation. We want Malton residents and businesses to own the plan and to be fully involved in its completion.

“Developers have to provide a community infrastructure levy. At present the town council can only receive 15 per cent of this. Once the plan is completed and adopted, the town council gets 25 per cent - money to provide essential works to improve the town.”

Details of the proposed area of the plan can be viewed on Ryedale District Council’s website and at

You need to make comments on the extent of the proposed area before 4.30pm on Friday, January 25, by writing to Jill Thompson, Ryedale District Council, Ryedale House, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 7HH. Alternatively, you can email